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Providing a Safe Treatment Environment

February 3, 2022


The Merivale Hand Clinic is committed to providing a safe environment during your visit to our clinic. To ensure we provide safe care for you, the following health and safety procedures will be operating within the clinic.

All patients (and those accompanying them) visiting the clinic will be required to

  1. wear a clean surgical mask when entering the premises, sitting in the waiting room and while receiving treatment. Your therapist may ask you to wear one of the surgical masks provided by the clinic
  2. scan in on arrival and use hand sanitiser
  3. wash hands in the treatment room if receiving treatment.
  4. Comply with the instructions of the office staff and hand therapist.

 If you feel unwell or unsure about whether you should attend your appointment, please call the office staff on 03 3559775 and they can rebook you and/or talk to you about telehealth options or a phone call with your therapist.

 Please do not bring anybody to your appointment who is not required to assist you. The clinic is limiting the number of people who access the facility as part of our health and safety measures.

 During your treatment, your room will be ventilated or will have an air purifier operating within the room.

 Therapists regularly wipe the surfaces they touch and any equipment used during the course of a consultation.

 During the outbreak of Omicron, our staff may be required to isolate at home and be unable to work in the clinic for a period of time. If this occurs, we will make arrangements to rebook you with another therapist or offer you a telehealth appointment/phone call with your current therapist. We would appreciate your understanding if you are rebooked with another therapist as we endeavour to ensure your continuity of care.



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