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Mountain Biking and Injuries

February 9, 2017
Mountain biking is a popular recreational and competitive sport, appealing to a wide age group . Christchurch has an excellent array of tracks for all age groups and abilities including the flat and fast tracks of Bottle Lake forest and McLean’s Island, to the single track network and downhill runs in the Port Hills. In late 2016, a purpose built adventure park opened in the Port Hills and has proven to be very popular. As the sport gains popularity, an...
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Golfing Injuries

July 5, 2016
Golf holds a special place in the life of many New Zealanders. It is the highest participation sport in the country, with 482,000 Kiwis over the age of 18 playing the game. It ranks as the number one sport for men and the second highest sport for women. A total of 125,000 New Zealanders are affiliated to golf clubs around the country and all up around 7 million rounds of golf are played annually. In general, the majority of golf...
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