Merivale Hand Clinic

Welcome to Merivale Hand Clinic

The Merivale Hand Clinic was established in 1985 to provide the community of Canterbury with a specialist hand therapy service. The clinic prides itself on having expert staff and being recognised as a leader in the field of hand therapy rehabilitation.

Registered Hand Therapists are specialist Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists who have undergone post graduate training and maintain ongoing clinical experience and professional development to obtain registration with the New Zealand Association of Hand Therapists. The Merivale Hand Clinic works closely with General Practitioners, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, ACC and other health professionals to rehabilitate people back to independence.

On an alternate weekly basis Mr Barnaby Nye (Plastic Surgeon) and Mr Ram Chandru (Orthopaedic Upper limb, Hand and Wrist Surgeon) run an acute clinic at the Merivale Hand Clinic. Hand Therapists refer patients to this acute clinic for specialist assessment and treatment as appropriate.

If the condition is the result of an injury and is covered by ACC then there is a surcharge with your first three  hand therapy consultations. There is no surcharge for any further follow up appointments. Any splinting costs are covered by ACC (limit applies).

People are able to refer themselves to the clinic for assessment and treatment. ACC documentation can be completed at the Merivale Hand Clinic except for work related gradual process injury claims which must be completed by a General Practitioner.


If you require hand therapy we have convenient locations in Merivale, Moorhouse Avenue, Halswell and Kaiapoi. Please contact one of our four clinics for an appointment or further information.