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April 5, 2022
De Quervains tenosynovitis is a condition that affects two tendons that run from the back of the thumb down the side of the wrist. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is the name given to the condition that occurs when these tendons are swollen and irritated. Swelling of the tendons, and the tendon sheath (a tunnel-like structure that the tendons travel through at the wrist), can cause pain and tenderness along the thumb side of the wrist. Risk Factors De Quervain’s tenosynovitis: •...

Distal Radius Fractures and Osteoporosis

March 1, 2022
Distal Radius Fractures and Osteoporosis Distal radius fractures (lower forearm fractures) are one of the most common injuries treated by hand therapists. These fractures are normally immobilised in a cast for 3-6 weeks to allow bone healing. Sometimes patients will have stiff, weak, or painful wrists when the cast is removed and are referred to hand therapy for rehabilitation. The aim of rehabilitation is to restore lost range of motion, and to regain strength and function. If the patient is older,...

Providing a Safe Treatment Environment

February 3, 2022
The Merivale Hand Clinic is committed to providing a safe environment during your visit to our clinic. To ensure we provide safe care for you, the following health and safety procedures will be operating within the clinic. All patients (and those accompanying them) visiting the clinic will be required to wear a clean surgical mask when entering the premises, sitting in the waiting room and while receiving treatment. Your therapist may ask you to wear one of the surgical masks...
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November 18, 2021
Hand Therapist - Christchurch The Merivale Hand Clinic in Christchurch provides expertise in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of hand, wrist and forearm conditions. The clinic is recognised as a leader in the field of hand therapy and operates from sites throughout Christchurch and North Canterbury. Visit our website at for more information. The clinic currently operates four fulltime clinics and also works at accident and emergency fracture clinics within the city. The successful candidate will work as a hand...
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Splinting for Ulnar Claw

November 17, 2021
The ulnar nerve runs from the shoulder to the little finger and innervates the small muscles of the hand (intrinsic muscles) that allow fine movements of the fingers e.g., typing. Damage to the ulnar nerve anywhere along its length can cause loss of sensation and muscle weakness in the hand. This is known as ulnar nerve palsy or ulnar neuropathy. This condition can affect the ability of the hand to make fine movements and perform many routine tasks. In severe cases,...


September 22, 2021
The extensor tendon on the back of a finger is a delicate and complex structure. The tendon divides into a central slip and two lateral bands. Working together, normally these would straighten the finger. A Boutonniere deformity arises when there is a rupture of the central slip. This is a relatively uncommon sporting injury – caused by a sudden, forced bending at the PIP joint (e.g., finger hit by ball, or falling onto bent finger), or can be caused if the...
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August 12, 2021
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a long-term, inflammatory condition that affects approximately 1% of the population worldwide. It occurs twice as often in women as in men, with a peak incidence between 45-65 years of age. While osteoarthritis is associated with joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis can affect more than the joints. About 40% of people who have rheumatoid arthritis also experience signs and symptoms that don't involve the joints. Areas that may be affected include the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and...
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Gestational Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

July 1, 2021
Swelling is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Patients often notice swelling in their ankles and feet, but for some women, swelling occurs inside the wrist, resulting in a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Approximately 4% of adults in the general population have carpal tunnel syndrome, but almost 30% of women will develop carpal tunnel symptoms in the last trimester of pregnancy. The carpal tunnel is located in the wrist. The floor of the tunnel is made...
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Occult Scaphoid Fractures

May 24, 2021
A fracture is a broken bone. Occult means hidden. An occult fracture is one that is not visible on an X-ray. A possible occult fracture is a suspected fracture that needs to be confirmed with other imaging tests. Occult fractures can occur because of a fall or other type of impact injury. Health professionals are careful to exclude occult fractures of the scaphoid. The scaphoid is one of eight small bones in the wrist, collectively called the ‘carpal’ bones. Scaphoid...

Is My Finger Broken?

April 5, 2021
Finger fractures are common injuries, and the mechanism of injury (how it happens) varies from balls hitting fingertips, fingers getting caught in dog leads, fingers being crushed in door jams, through to simple trips and falls. The end result is the same… a broken bone. A common myth is that if you can move your finger, it is not broken. While severe fractures or joint dislocations may prevent movement, for most fractures the finger will still move quite well. Generally,...
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